Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello again from Lindale,Texas..Today is Feb 23,2006 my wifes birthday she is, oops, I am not going to tell you...I am very thankful that God gave me a wife like I have... A little bad news my StepDad rushed to the Hospital with chest pains. He was having a heart attack the sad thing he is only 52 years old, but he is a BIG MAN.. He is doing fine now, they are going to keep Him in the hospital till Monday, To run lots of test....But the real bad news is that he is not a Christian. Only God can save him and my whole Family , thru God's Grace..Something times I wonder why did God Save me and at this time no one eles in my family..But I just thank God everyday for his Grace that He showed me...That is all for now maybe more later...


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Thank you my dear husband for your kind words! I am so glad that God saved you as well, and we wont stop praying for your family because we dont know who belongs to God. I love you...I know you only married me cause you like "older" women!
Love Glenda

bosephus said...

Rudy, I know how you feel. My family doesnt believe soverign grace either. I hope they are God's Sheep. I am truly glad Carol and I are.
I enjoy your blog.